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KLIQϋE Tourist Transport Service started in 2015 to offer Point to Point, Ride Share, Vehicle Rental, Shuttle and Chartered Services to any point in the Philippines. Duly registered with the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board, Land Transportation Office, Department of Tourism, and Department of Trade and Industry. The company is a legitimate business operating with a large fleet of over 50 vehicles and provides professional and reliable transport services in the country.

KLIQϋE vehicles are fully equipped with modern technology and travel friendly amenities and facilities such as GPS, CCTV System, WIFI, TV, Audio and an advanced monitoring and communication system to ensure health safe, secure travel and onboard quality travel experience.

KLIQϋE continuously adopts new technology that supports our culture of excellence, facilitates efficiency, and ensures a flawless high standard service for our customers online and in person.

 KLIQϋE a modern way to travel. You’re click with KLIQϋE.

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What We Offer

Point to Point

Safe travels to any point in Luzon

Tourist Transports

Enjoy your stay worry free

Ride Share

Share a seat and save money

Chartered Trips

Lowest price guaranteed

Shuttle Transport

We'll get you there safe

Vehicle Rentals

Vans, cars and SUVs 


Here to help

Airport-Hotel Transfers

Hassle free transports

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Available Vehicles


* 7 Seating Capacity (Executive Chairs)
* With built-in Wi-Fi and TV
* Very Cool Air-Conditioning System

We Are

Bunch of Experts

Rajendra Gaura


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Macombe Rahim


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Jacob Morrow


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Sarrah Connar

Project Manager

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