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Secret Talks
Modern art is the creative world's response to the rationalist practices and perspectives of the new lives and ideas provided by the technological advances of the industrial age that caused contemporary society to manifest itself in new ways compared to the past. Artists worked to represent their experience of the newness of modern life in appropriately innovative ways.
Luca & Larry Brooks
A presentation conveys information from a speaker to an audience. Presentations are typically demonstrations or speech meant to inform, persuade, inspire, motivate, build goodwill, or present a new idea/product.“The key elements of a presentation consists of presenter, audience, message, reaction and method to deliver speech for organizational success in an effective manner.”
Constructive Delta
As you may have heard earlier this week, Fontsmith has been acquired by Monotype. We’re very excited about this acquisition not only for what it means for our team, but more importantly what it means for our customers. As a result of Fontsmith and Monotype joining forces, clients will now have access to even more of the world’s most brilliant minds in type design and direction.
Balenciaga Drive
Fashion is a form of self-expression and autonomy at a particular period and place and in a specific context, of clothing, footwear, lifestyle, accessories, makeup, hairstyle, and body posture. In its everyday use, the term implies a look defined by the fashion industry as that which is trending.Everything that is considered fashion is available and popular by the fashion system.
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